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Digital Greece and City Stage

Digital Greece and City Stage

City Stage is now officially a member of Digital Greece, which can be found at Pavilion 12 of the 84th Thessaloniki International Fair.

The newest and most dynamic piece of Digital Greece will be there, between September 7th and September 15th, 2019!

City Stage participates in the 84th TIF and will give to visitors of the international exhibition an opportunity to get to know not only the platform but also its idea, its philosophy and its creators.

Of course, those of you who are there and wish to register as a member at our booth (either as providers or users) will gain significant benefits with your registration.

Organization of the 84th TIF

We have to thank the 84th TIF organizers and the non-profit/non-governmental organisation industry disruptors – game changers! – which coordinates Digital Greece – for choosing as one of the participants.

It is not only a honourable choice but also an indication of the recognition that City Stage is already receiving, even though it has just begun to take its first steps in the world of not only Digital Greece but also Digital Europe.

‘Digital Greece’ Theme Park

The ‘Digital Greece’ theme park attracts hundreds of startups and is an initiative of the Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications, and Information and TIF-Helexpo.

More than 100 startups from the broader sector of digital technology, the cultural-creative industries, the audiovisual sector, gaming, animation, etc. will present their ideas, products, and services.

‘Digital Greece’ theme park includes discussions that are open to the public and speeches by sector professionals and expert analysts.

copy from official website of the 84th TIF

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